Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Last post was February, not surprising. We were still in the throws of hockey season, followed by Spring break (which I spent most of sick with a bizarre fever). Very shortly after that was my trip to Summertown, Tennessee.

As in, The Farm.

As in, "Most amazing and worthwhile trip ever", even if the entire week away was a touch long for everyone (including myself- it was so weird to be having such an amazing time and still feel homesick).

And now it is May. Heck, May is half over. We've started soccer, and baseball. That's four nights a week tied up ...

Oh, and I applied to the Bachelor of Midwifery program being run by UCN (in Winnipeg) starting next September. I was one of probably over 300 applicants. There are 8 spaces.

Won't find out until the end of this month if I'll be offered an interview or not.

You might think I'd be edgy and anxious and going crazy with the wait, but I'm not. Will I be disappointed if I'm not offered an interview? Yes, of course; absolutely. But I will not be crushed.

Normally I am completely flustered when I have to wait to hear about something like this, so this is not typical for me.

But the way I see it, I am on the right path; either I'll get in, or I won't. I will still find a way to become a midwife, that's just the way it is.

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