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Perhaps you've read a post or two, but are having some challenges keeping all the players in the cast straight?

Let me try to help!

Bodi- this is me ;-) I am a mother, a wife, a sister and a friend. I am also a Doula, and I donate time to volunteer projects year-round, when I'm not driving someone to hockey ...

Himself- my husband. We have been a couple for over twenty years, and amazingly enough, we still enjoy spending time together.

The Boy- our firstborn son, who is now an adult. He is also a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves. He has been studying Karate for nearly 7 years now, and loves it. He especially loves helping his Sensei out by teaching the children's classes at the dojo.

Tigger- our daughter. Our *only* daughter. She, too, is an adult, as well as a very talented musician. She is currently working full-time while she figures out her next step in life.

The Viking- our second son, and middle child. Currently in high school. His first love is hockey; everything else is secondary, except, perhaps, for eating ... Very big on keeping up the appearance that he is 'too cool' for the rest of us (at least when other people might be looking ;-))

Squeak- our third son, second youngest in the clan. Also known as "Sir Squeaks-A-Lot", "Squeaker", and variations along that theme. Currently in middle school, he plays both hockey and baseball, but mostly he just loves being part of a team. Definitely our quietest child. You have to watch the quiet ones ;-)

Boo- our fourth son and youngest child. Youngest of the humans, but certainly not least, if he has anything to say about it! He is currently in elemenbary school, and is home the most out of his siblings. For this reason, there may be an inordinate number of posts about him. He also studies Karate, has been for around two years, and, like his biggest brother, loves every minute of it- even having his classes taught by said brother (who is, I gather, at times more demanding of him than his classmates). He is also learning to play guitar, although his practice sessions are still a bit spotty ...

Commander Havoc, feline extraordinaire. A neighbour brought him to us, when he was just a tiny kitten (8 weeks old). That was 1998. Such a beautiful and loving cat. Sadly, he passed away in April of 2012.

The Hound of the Baskervilles, also known as "The Dawg". About 5 years old. There are photos of her here and there throughout the blog, but appearances are deceiving, as her breed make-up is quite different from what you might guess it to be! She found us while wandering around the streets of our old neighbourhood at the young age of 4 months. She's very much a "Mama's girl".

Psycho Kitty- not really 'psycho' at all, but it was the nickname she earned shortly after we acquired her from my SIL, when her behaviour was often unpredictable (and sometimes quite violent). Later, after she'd adjusted, she calmed down quite a bit, but the nickname stuck (along with a parody of "Psycho Killer", by The Talking Heads, but I digress). We had her spayed some time later, and after that, all traces of the 'psycho kitty' were gone, and she eventually became 'fat kitty'. I figured that was far too "Un-P.C." to use on the blog, so I've kept with psycho kitty, instead. PS- she's not really "fat kitty" anymore, either, as we changed her diet, and her weight normalised :)

The Curly-Haired Rat- or 'CHR' for short, is our small dog; a miniature poodle. We acquired her when my MIL moved into an apartment. She's incredibly obnoxious, by and large, but manages to tame it back just enough that she has survived. She lives in terror of The Hound, but they mostly get along, so long as she doesn't try to 'exert her dominance' over her (poodle weighs about 12 lbs, HotB weighs closer to 70- who d'ya think would win *that* fight?).

Timeshare Kitty- our youngest furry family member, this little girl seems to believe in Free Love (don't worry, she's been spayed, no kittens here). She has a 'boyfriend', an orange tabby who lives next door, and an alternate home, the next door neighbours on the other side of us. Approximately 2 years old, she loves to provide dramatic music for us at varying times (Scary scene in a TV show or film? -check- Someone returning home? -check-)

Secondary Cast of Characters- Still very important in our lives, but they do not live under our roof. Namely:

Monster 1- our eldest nephew on my side of the family. Beautiful, sweet and funny, he lives in another province. He is 11 months younger than Boo.

Mr Man- the youngest nephew on my side of the family, Monster 1 is his big brother and there are 5 years between them in age. Again, he may be last, but he definitely won't be forgotten! He too is beautiful, funny and sweet, if a little 'busy' ;-) I adore both my nephews to bits.

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