Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The things they say ... Instalment #1

Sometimes, the things the Minions of Chaos come out with leave me perplexed. At other times, frustrated.

But most often, amused. Here is one such example, a recent conversation I had with 'Boo', our youngest (he of the Epic Concert evening).

First, a teeny bit of 'backstory';

I am a member of the volunteer executive for our Community Centre, and on Monday evening, we had our monthly meeting.

One of the items was a report on the progress of a *free* drama programme being run out of the centre, geared specifically to 9-12 year olds. Since our Littlest Man is always telling stories with a dramatic flair and seems to enjoy hamming it up in general, I perked up when they mentioned there was still room in the class. It even falls on a night which doesn't conflict with Karate, Police Cadets, or his print-making class ...

"Wow!" I thought, "This would be perfect for Boo! Hope he's still awake when I get home, I can't wait to ask him about signing up!". I could even hear and picture his exuberant response ...

As it happened, he was still awake when I returned home.  In fact, he came downstairs when he heard me come in ...

"Hey, Buddy! How would you like to go to a Drama class at the Community Centre on Thursday evenings?"

His response was not the enthusiastic "Awesome!" I had anticipated.

And here is where I will heed the advice of Mark Twain, and rather than say "The old woman screamed", I will "bring her on, and let her scream."

"No!" he said, without a second's hesitation. My surprise must have been quite evident, as he immediately followed up with;

"It's not really My 'Thing', Mum. I'm not a 'Drama Guy' ... :::: sigh :::: ", he completed this statement with an eye roll, too.

Nope, you're not dramatic at all, Boo, not even a little bit ... ;-)

Man, sometimes this parenting gig is just awesome.

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  1. Haha that's great! I would have targeted him too!