Thursday, April 5, 2012

Excuse me while I take a moment to name drop, and brag about my totally awesome friend

This is another post about someone else's blog. Let's call it what it is; "Lazyblogging".

But it's more than that- I intend to share with you my top four favourite blogs this week.

Today's topical blog is, in all honesty, probably my absolute favourite, because its creator is a dear friend; we've been friends for 11 years.

Let me tell you a bit about her- she is the mother of four children, two boys and two girls. She is American-born and raised, and is currently living in Dublin, Eire (which, incidentally, is my father's hometown, so I'm mad jealous of her).

When we first met, Phoebe had three of her four children. her daughter (then the baby of the family) was just shy of her first birthday. My Squeaky Boy was 15 months.

The two "babies" (toddlers?!) hit it off immediately- quite literally, in fact: Miss Mim would punch Squeak in the arm, and then, while he was distracted, steal food from his plate. Phoebe joked that perhaps someday they might marry, a joke that we still make reference to today ("How's my future son-in-law?").

Phoebe and I have many bizarre things in common- including, but not limited to, a rather twisted sense of humour. We often, along with another mutual friend, have such eerily similar thoughts on things it's rather like we share a brain. It's creepy and funny, all at the same time.

We have similar tastes in music, too. In fact, one of the bands I introduced her to has become a favourite for her entire family, especially their youngest daughter, the dynamic and dazzling Miss Maura. The band is Great Big Sea, and every time I hear "Ordinary Day", I think of Phoebe and Maura.

Phoebe is a writer, and has been keeping a blog for a few years now. Recently, she posted about "The R word", a post that has since gone viral (having been tweeted and re-tweeted by celebrities such as Pink). Keep in mind, she didn't post about this because she wanted to be the next Internet Sensation. She wrote about what was on her mind, some of us shared it, and it went viral because *she* is very cool. Not just cool, Steve Buscemi Cool.

So, do check out her blog- not just for the post that was seen around the world- stop in, sit down, and share a laugh at the exploits of her amazing and wonderful family ...

Phoebe can be found @ Herding Cats


  1. I love that I'm Steve Buscemi cool - can I ride on the nuclear weapon?

    And seriously indebted for you for introducing us to GBS - and now for all the kind words. I'm blushing over here!

    1. You ought to know that this post barely touches on all the wonderful things I could say about you ...

      Love you.

  2. And she deserves every single kind word you throw at her! **firm nod**

  3. It is soo wonderful to read about an amazing friendship such as this. I came across Phoebe's blog by way of someone reposting "The R Word" on CafeMom and then passing it along to others because it was soo touching and insightful and I immediately became a follower of hers and enjoy reading about her and her family's life in Dublin...even though i don't know her personally, just from reading her blog's i think she is truly amazing and a great writer. Again, you are such a wonderful friend to share about her on your blog.