Wednesday, April 4, 2012

*This* is the power of love, in action

There are many very interesting blogs out there, but of course, most of us don't have the time to read too many of them.

Even so, I highly recommend checking out Dan Pearce's "Single Dad Laughing", in particular, this post:

A Teen's Brave Response. It's three pages long. It may be difficult to get through it; I myself cried because my heart ached so much while reading it.

But believe me, it is worth the struggle. This is an amazing example of how to choose the path of love over hate.

The son's bravery is evident, and highly praised by readers, as well it should be. But the transformative power of love is best seen through his mother's decision to choose love over hate. Her honesty and bravery in sharing that she was once full of hatred and publicly admitting that she was wrong ... that's not just cool, that's Steve Buscemi Cool.

I would like to thank Dan for his original post: "I'm Christian, Unless You're Gay". I would like to thank "One Proud Mom" for her bravery. I would like to hug her and her teenage son.

Love is an amazing thing.

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