Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Self-Care Wednesday

This past week has been hard for our family,due to the sudden passing of an incredible woman, my mother-in-law. She went into hospital on Thursday morning, and in spite of the hard work of many Doctors and nurses, slipped away from us on Friday evening.

When a loved one passes, Self-care becomes even more critical than ever, but is often the first thing pushed aside.  "How can I think of myself at a time like this?" we ask ourselves.

But perhaps it's best to think of it this way; would the person we are mourning want us to fall ill ourselves?

For us, self-care has included spending a little extra money to ensure that everyone is still eating, and eating well- the hectic rush of making arrangements often means less time for preparing food at home, so eating out becomes almost a routine in itself.

Even so, it's possible to eat well- take the time to sit, and try to enjoy a good meal. Enjoy the company you keep during this meal, even if everyone is quieter than usual, even if there are tears shed ...

And continue to enjoy that quiet, alone time in the shower, too.

Be well...

Wanted to share this photograph of my Mother In Law as a young woman. It's a great photo (there's another that I love even more, but don't have a copy of it on-hand)

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