Tuesday, January 10, 2012


In one of those quiet, unassuming moments, in this case, washing the dishes at my kitchen sink, I came upon the theme I wish to use in recreating this blog. What's that, you say?

In a previous post, I stated blogs that have a following usually have a common theme. It is that which makes them popular. Up until now, I have tended to use this blog as a semi-public diary, with topics ranging from kids, work, knitting, vocational crises ... all of interest to me, but not all of interest to the world. Not to mention that some of the posts I made here have been more than just a little lame :-P

I already have other accounts to which I can post my diary-like entries, so why duplicate that here, right? Sadly, it took me a while to come to that conclusion. I have removed most of my original posts on this blog- those which are either too personal, or have no relevance to the project.

But I'm repeating myself. Total stall-tactic. I'm good at that ;-)

Perhaps you are wondering what the new theme will be?


Yes, Love. That simple. And I do not mean candy hearts and flowers and romance, although I am sure I will discuss those from time to time. I am talking about the love we bring to our everyday world, to our life. Love of friends. Love of family. Love thy neighbour.

Love of ... life.

Will you join me?

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