Monday, June 4, 2012

Quiet Weekend ...

Himself went out of town this past weekend, and The Boy (aka the eldest) went with him. For a change, it was *not* work-related, they went to Brandon for PrairieCon. Call it a guys' weekend away, if you will. (All indications are that they had a great time, btw. So great, in fact, that they didn't have a moment to call home at all- a transgression for which I would have heard much grief had it been me- but I digress)

The Princess was pretty much gone all weekend herself, between work and plans with friends. This means it was quiet. The younger boys and I passed the time by hanging out with my sister on Friday (which included a dinner out at an amazing vietnamese place, Thanh Huong), Saturday, the boys chilled at home while I went to a coffee meeting around lunchtime, then had a second meeting with good friends while we plotted for world domin- er, planned a suite for an event next spring.

Came home, took Boo to his guitar lesson (wherein he showed off his new guitar pick) and visited with another friend who wasn't up for going to the other two meetings. The boys destroyed the kitchen in the process of making their dinner, but it meant I didn't have to rush home to cook, so I was OK with dealing with the aftermath ...

Sunday we went for a bikeride. Well, Boo and Squeak went with me, the Viking opted to stay home and watch TV "study for his English exam".

We stopped for popsicles on the way back, and since I only remembered about baseball practice after we got home, so we kinda missed that ... Oops!

But I have to admit, it was really nice not to be in a huge time crunch all weekend.

Hmm ... maybe I should send Himself away more often? ;-)

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