Monday, April 9, 2012


Working on a plan for this year's garden- what to plant, where to plant it, what to do with the pre-existing fauna ...

I have found this process harder than I had anticipated. Our new house has lots of garden spaces, which presented itself as nothing but potential when we were looking at the place, but the previous owner planted a lot of perennials, and planting my choices means removing some of those already there.

Shouldn't be hard, right? But it goes against my instincts to pull out healthy plants for no reason other than they don't exactly fit in with my plan. There's nothing wrong with the plants, but I have a very practical mindset when it comes to the garden. I want everything to have a purpose beyond just "looking nice". I'm trying to plant both food and medicinal herbs, as well as fruit bushes (saskatoons, blueberries, raspberries). And we haven't even started on the vegetable garden ...
This has been a stumbling block for the past two summers- I have given away some plants, but still have more to remove. I have ferns, rhubarb, lily of the valley, hostas, tiger lilies, asiatic lilies, bearded iris, Goldflame spirea, a sand cherry bush and a hydrangea.

The hydrangea is a large, gorgeous, plant, but not entirely happy in her present location- she produces lots of bloom clusters, but very few of the flowers ever open.

If you live locally to me, see this, and are interested in one of the above-mentioned plants, please, drop me a line and we can arrange an adoption!

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