Saturday, May 5, 2012


Now, really- how did that go by so quickly?

Oh, right- we were busy ferrying children to one activity or another, next thing you know, you wake up and your second youngest child is twelve.


This means that, legally, he can now be left at home alone. He is considered old enough to babysit.

And he probably feels ready to look after other children, too ... But that doesn't mean *I'm* ready for that ...

But I digress. This is about my son, not my inability to 'let go' ...

Squeak, as we often call him, or "Sir Squeaks-A-Lot", as his nickname originally started out, was born (obviously) in the year 2000. He earned his nickname within a day or two of being born, as he was apt to make the cutest little squeaking sound when he was nursing (or just generally happy).

Right from the get-go, he was generally content, but very sure of what he wanted and didn't want- a true Taurus in temperament, he will not be persuaded to do anything *he* doesn't want to do, but he has a natural curiosity and zest for trying new things that is often contagious. He is charismatic, and has a quirky sense of humour.

People flock to him- in the past 2.5 years, he has had to change schools twice (once due to our move, the other because he was entering "middle school"), but each time, he has come home from said new school with at least two new friends, both within the first few days. I envy the ease with which he makes friends, and the way he retains them, too. I realize I am biased, but this kid is truly Steve Buscemi Cool.

In spite of the above description, he is surprisingly quiet- and I always warn people; "You have to watch the quiet ones" ... he is forever listening, observing, and probably coming up with new ways to Rule The World.

Plans for World Domination, I suspect, proceed apace.

This year, his birthday falls on a Saturday, and his master plan is to have a birthday party ON his birthday. He's only inviting a few of his friends- his entire hockey team, and half of his class. I wish I was exaggerating; we sent out 22 invitations.

Wish me luck.

(Ed note: this post was originally written about two hours before the Birthday Extravaganza. For soem reason, it was sitting in my draughts folder, rather than having been published. Evidently, I have not been checking in lately ... oops!)

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