Sunday, March 3, 2013

Writing Struggles (which I cannot fairly call "Writer's Block")

For the past six months, I have been working on a tribute to my brother who passed away last summer.

I haven't gotten very far- there are multiple lines, but rather than forming a cohesive paragraph, they are random notes that haven't got much to do with each other, other than the subject matter.

Too much to say, I suppose. Or too close to my grieving heart. I'm not sure, either way.

But a memory from my childhood came to me last night, and it was one I wanted to share with my two youngest nephews- my brother's boys.

When I was visiting them, Monster 1 wanted to hear stories about what his Daddy was like when he was a little boy.  Under the circumstances, The Penultimate Uncle (my other brother) and I could only come up with a few small things, all of which seemed, quite frankly, to be grossly inadequate ... Sir Fiery Locks was pleased to hear them, all the same.

Then an idea came to me. I intend to try writing and posting a weekly instalment, in which I hope to share something about my brother, be it a story, a quirk, a characteristic, a family joke ... or perhaps all of the above.

I hope, in this way, to help those sweet boys stay connected with their Daddy. No doubt their names will come up on occasion, so I will need to find suitable nicknames for them, in order to protect their privacy. For the time being, they shall be referred to as 'Monster 1' (age 9), and 'Mr Man' (age 4). I may, with my SIL's permission, post a photo from time to time (I need to clear this with her first, of course).

I have even come up with a title for these posts:

Letters to My Nephews

1st instalment to follow shortly...

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