Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We are Members of the Rabble

I think it is safe to say that my status as a geek has been confirmed. Heck, you could probably say that our entire family are card-carrying members of geekdom. Why do I say this?
Read on, MacDuff.

One day last week, Boo came home from school announcing that his choir teacher had assigned the students (grades 4-6) some 'homework'; she wanted them to find a 'sad' song that the choir could learn and sing.

The next day, she clarified that the songs could not be about "relationships" (I'm assuming she meant romantic relationships), and had to be school-appropriate.

(I shudder to think what sort of responses she had initially received to call for *those* clarifications, heh)

Boo's initial song idea fell flat (I had tried to explain to him that it wouldn't fly), "I'm Sorry", by Alan Doyle.

It did, however, lead to a fun discussion between us about other, more appropriate songs.

As Himself was in the room at the time, he joined in the conversation.

We compiled a list. (and that's not the geeky part)

We hunted down lyrics. Well, not really, I think I already had most of the lyrics in my music binder. (this is starting to get a little geeky)

We ripped most of the songs on our list into MP3 files that Boo could give to his teacher that she might listen to them. (more than just a little obsessive/geeky)


Most of the songs, while we happen to think they're awesome, are not exactly ones that everyone knows. (Yep, definitely geeky)

Some are even what one would call 'filk'. (Oooh yeah, that's geekdom at its finest, right there).

And, because I have been blessed enough to have friends with musical talents, two of the songs were written by friends and/or acquaintances of ours. (├╝ber geek!)

Hello, my name is Bodi, and I am a geek.

Dork, even.

And I am OK with that.

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